Dr. Collins and Rising Star Outreach

Meet the children of Rising Star Outreach. It’s in this remote village outside Chennai, India where Dr. Collins discovered he could combine his heart for service with his love for children and dentistry to give back in a big way.

On the first trip there in 2013 he utilized some old dental equipment that had been lying dormant in a storage closet – providing dental services for over 200 children who come from leprosy colonies all over India. After returning home, he knew he wanted to do more. He shared the idea of building a dental clinic with Rising Star and they agreed to dedicate a room in their new medical clinic to be used for dental services.

Dr. Collins whole family rallied behind the cause and raised enough money to outfit the clinic with state of the art chairs and all the necessary equipment. His second trip there was a joyful reunion with the children, who couldn’t wait to show him how well they were taking care of their teeth!

His ultimate vision is to continue serving the children there in partnership with local Indian dentists.