Dr. Drvostep and Grenada

Dr. Drvostep is part of an outreach team in Grenada, an island nation located in the Caribbean just northwest of Trinidad and Tobago. She was part of a team from NYU that implemented the first public oral health program.

They worked with the government of Grenada, partnered with Colgate and traveled to Grenada four times a year for two weeks at a time, herself going on four separate two week trips. They discovered the children of Grenada had a staggering decay rate, no fluoride in the water and hardly any education on oral health.

Each trip there they traveled to nearly every elementary school on the island delivering toothpaste, toothbrushes, providing oral hygiene instructions and placing sealants on all first permanent molars of children in kindergarten through third grade, and applied fluoride varnish on every student through high school. They gathered public health personnel, including nurses and teachers and taught them how to also apply the fluoride varnish. Since fluoridating the water of Grenada was too costly and not an option they felt like this gave the best opportunity to decrease the decay rate for the children of Grenada.

NYU continues to take a team back each year to provide restorative work on the children and Dr. Drvostep plans to return again soon.