Our Practice


Welcome to Smiles of Austin, a leading orthodontic and pediatric dental care practice serving the residents of Austin and the surrounding areas.

Do you love your smile? A beautiful smile is not only a pleasure to see, but also a pleasure to own. Through the art and science of orthodontics, Dr. Scott Franklin, Dr. Carrie Lindsey and Dr. Brunson are able to correct virtually any orthodontic problem you may have. These may include crowded teeth, too much space between teeth, extra or missing teeth, a large overbite or underbite, and many others.

Drs. Franklin, Lindsey and Brunson are supported by an excellent team of professionals that help make their office a place where patient comfort and optimal care are a priority, ensuring that your treatment is a success. At Smiles of Austin, we regard each patient as part of our family, and hope you feel the same each time you visit.

We look forward to seeing you smile!