Frenectomy FAQs

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  1. Why do we have a frenum? Is there a negative side to removing them?

None of the frena in our mouths serve an important purpose. They are remnants from the band of tissue that initially helped guide the formation of our facial structures. In addition, a frenum has very little nerve tissue, which is another reason the procedure is relatively painless for our patients. There is no negative to removing them when needed.

  1. Can I stay in the room with my child during the procedure?

We want our team to have all focus on your child during the short procedure. Because of the logistics of completing the lip tie or tongue tie release, we have parents wait in an adjacent room. Our team will bring your child to you immediately following the release, so you can feed, soothe, and comfort him or her.

  1. Should I feed my baby right before the procedure?

Generally, no. The procedure only takes a few minutes and we want your infant to be hungry immediately following the procedure to help with soothing.

  1. Will insurance cover a frenectomy?

Each insurance policy is different, but our knowledgeable staff members will work with you and your insurance company to determine the best financial option for your family.

  1. How do I get a referral from my doctor or IBCLC?

We generally receive a written request for the procedure, but we are happy to speak with your IBCLC or pediatrician directly.

  1. How young is too young for a frenectomy?

This procedure can be completed as early as 24 hours after birth.

  1. Are frenectomies only for infants? How do I know if my older child might benefit?
    Lip tie and tongue tie releases can be beneficial for older children and adults as well. People with a tight, thick, or highly attached frenum can suffer from several unpleasant symptoms, including:

Our quick and painless procedure allows our patients of all ages to move past these troubling symptoms and improve oral health and overall well-being. If you would like our doctors to evaluate your child for a lip or tongue tie, please contact our office today to schedule an evaluation.