Dr. Franklin as Coach

When not seeing patients or enjoying his family, Dr. Franklin can be found on some kind of sports field.

A firm believer that many life lessons are mirrored through participation in sports, Dr. Franklin coached his two sons, Jace and Josh, in just about every sport they played.  A coach’s son, Dr. Franklin had the desire to make a further impact on the lives of young athletes and began as a volunteer coach for the Regents School of Austin varsity football team in 2008.  The Franklin family has been a part of the Regents Community since 2002, so coaching there was a great fit.

Currently the middle school quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator, Dr. Franklin most enjoys mentoring his players into young men by teaching them the value of determination, perseverance and teamwork.  Many of his players are also his patients and, while they may not say he is easy on them, they will all agree that he loves them and cares about the young men they are becoming.

You can call him Dr. Franklin or Coach, he answers to both!