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We truly enjoy our work. Though we provide a fun and casual atmosphere, we’re serious about pediatric dentistry and we are completely dedicated to all aspects of oral health.


Pediatric Dentist

I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in the health care field. The big decision was medical or dental school? That decision was influenced by my friendship with Dr. Franklin, my wife Tara, who started a career in dentistry in high school, the desire to have more family/free time, and by reminiscing about my experiences at the dentist as a child.


Pediatric Dentist

Even from a young age, I enjoyed working with young children.  I think it’s probably because they are so genuine in their emotions and much, much easier to read than adults.  You can be silly, laugh and have fun all day with kids!  I wanted to lead a life where I could be goofy and have fun, but still truly be an asset and advocate for children’s health like Kerry.  Every day I get to go to work, be a goof and still help children so I feel very blessed to have landed in this career.


Orthodontist & Pediatric Dentist

When asked about what initially drew him to dentistry, he quickly replies “I’ve wanted to be a dentist since I was 9 years old” and reflects back. Growing up in a small town Dr Franklin’s dentist’s office about a mile from his house. Because I spent so much time there and at the orthodontist as a child getting cavities filled and teeth straightened, it made a great impression on me.

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