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We offer comprehensive dental care for children from birth to age 18, which includes all aspects of preventive and restorative dentistry.


As your child grows, we monitor all aspects of dental and orthodontic health, including tooth spacing, bite development, and more. This is important because in some cases, early intervention can help patients avoid more invasive treatment later. Our specialists collaborate seamlessly, offering the convenience of orthodontic consultations in the course of regular visits, which makes it easy for busy parents. We build confidence through the long-term plan we create specifically for your child.

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Is your kid’s dentist something you’ve considered before? Chances are, when you became a parent you set out to find a pediatrician. But just as kids need their own doctor, they need their own dentist, too.

Pediatric dentists do more to address your child’s dental and developmental needs. Good habit formation and a lifelong enthusiasm for tooth care come from early experiences in a fun, worry-free environment. We can help.

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Toddler smiling after visiting the dentist

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Meet Your Pediatric Dentist

We truly enjoy our work. Though we provide a fun and casual atmosphere, we’re serious about pediatric dentistry and we are completely dedicated to all aspects of oral health.

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Following dental school, pediatric dentists undertake two more years of specialty training specifically to address the unique needs of infants, children, and adolescents, including kids with special health needs. A pediatric dentist is better equipped to manage your growing child.

Child Dental Hygiene
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To plan your visit, just call for an appointment at the SMILES location that works for you or fill out the form below. Based on the age of your child, we’ll be sure to recommend appointment times that will ensure they have the best possible experience.

Emergency Care

If your child experiences a dental emergency, we are here for you. After hours, please call our office and you will be directed to a number for the on call doctor.

Digital X-Rays

The technology used in our office provides a far safer option for dental diagnostics. With digital radiography, significantly less radiation is required to produce oral imagery.

Natural colored fillings and restorations

We use long lasting, tooth-colored materials in lieu of highly visible metal alloys.


This is a comforting option we offer to children undergoing dental procedures, which may include oral sedation, laughing gas or in-office anesthesia. Our doctors will help you understand if these options will benefit your child.

Habit Management

Most children outgrow thumb, finger, and pacifier habits on their own but when these habits continue for long periods of time, they can affect the normal development of the teeth and jaw. We help parents by offering suggestions and encouragement, and if necessary, may recommend a mouth appliance to aid in blocking the sucking habit.


Regular check-ups and cleanings are important for keeping your child’s mouth healthy and detecting possible problems. Our friendly hygienists make this a fun and educational visit for your child.


You’ll have peace of mind knowing your child’s dental and orthodontic needs are closely monitored.


These thin protective coatings are applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth where most tooth decay occurs in children and teens.


The removal of a tooth due to decay and infection, trauma, or orthodontic crowding.


A widely accepted and very important treatment to discourage the formation of new cavities, help remineralize existing cavities, and treat areas of sensitivity.

Preventive dentistry

Our ultimate goal is to prevent tooth decay by teaching positive oral health habits from an early age.


The addition of tooth colored filling material on teeth that are considered small (peg laterals) or on teeth that have experienced trauma, to regain proper esthetics and function.

Labial Frenectomy

The frenum serves no beneficial function but can cause problems related to speech, eating, and tooth position. A frenectomy is the removal of the thick fibrous tissue between the Maxillary (upper) front teeth to resolve these issues.


A procedure that is performed when the nerve tissue of a tooth is exposed due to trauma, a cavity, or a structural defect. The top portion of the nerve tissue is removed and treated with an antibacterial medicament to seal and preserve the remaining healthy nerve tissue.


A stainless steel crown is used to restore a tooth that has severely decayed, fractured, or has a genetic defect affecting the structure of the tooth that does not allow for a filling to be placed.

Space Maintainer

An appliance that is temporarily placed to discourage the movement or drift of teeth into spaces normally occupied by lost or extracted teeth.