Because a Child’s Natural Smile is Priceless

Kids’ Dentistry Services We OfferAt Smiles of Austin and Dripping Springs, TX, there’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing the white, natural-looking smiles of happy children at play. That’s why our pediatric dentistry team has dedicated their lives to keeping the smiles of kids healthier once they walk through our doors. But, we also understand that for parents, getting your child to visit the dentist can be stressful. That’s why we deliver pediatric dental services in a setting that’s designed to be as welcoming, relaxing and reassuring as possible. And, if convenience matters to you, we offer family-friendly hours at both locations. To schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric dentists, contact us today!   

Choosing Your Child’s Dentist

There are many good dentists in the Central Texas area, and what we pride ourselves on at Smiles of Austin and Dripping Springs is specializing in children, along with the many years of pediatric training and experience our licensed pediatric dentists, Dr. Collins, Dr. Franklin, and Dr. Matson, provide to families. After finishing dental school, all 3 spent 2 years of residency training learning about the unique care needs of infants, kids, teens, and children with special care needs.

Kids’ Dentistry Services We Offer

As pediatric dentists, they and our staff understand the individualized care and comfort needs that a child requires when you bring them to our office. It’s always our goal to make a difference right from the start in the lifelong oral health of your child, while restoring your peace-of-mind as a parent. To make that happen, our kids’ dentistry services include:  

Dental Care Tips for Your Child

Let’s face it, kids today consume a lot of sugary foods and beverages. As a result, teaching your young child about the importance of a good daily oral hygiene routine will go a long way in ensuring that their smile looks and feels great as they grow and develop. Here are some of the tips that our pediatric dentists recommend for parents:

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To schedule a convenient appointment for your child with one of our pediatric dentists, call Smiles of Austin and Dripping Springs, TX, today!